The Tuscan wine tradition


Villa Torrigiani is a national monument of cultural heritage that boasts an ancient history.

The area where it is located, on the hills of Florence, derives its name from “San Martino”, the Saint protector of agriculture, and from “Palma” (olive tree), a symbol that the crusaders brought back from the Holy Land as proof of their trip. Since the 16th century, the property was organized in 22 small farm units (“podere”), each managed by farmer families (“coloni”), most of which still have descendants living in San Martino alla Palma.

The estate belonged to the Torrigiani family for over 400 years, until the Zingone family acquired it in the 1960s.


The Villa Torrigiani estate is set on prevailingly clayish land surface, approximately 200 m. above sea level, and covers an area of 350 hectares of which 45 are vineyards with Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet grapes; 120 hectares are cultivated with typical Tuscan olive grove varietals of Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Moraiolo; 30 hectares are destined to grain farming, and the rest of the property is woodlands.


Our wines represent the purest expression of the Chianti territory, enriched by international varietals. The product range combines traditional wines, Chianti and Chianti Riserva, with two Super Tuscans: “San Martino”, a Cabernet Sauvignon red wine, and “Monte Mezzo”, a structured white wine aged in wooden barrels.

Our extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed, featuring low acidity, and unfiltered so as to maintain at best the organoleptic qualities of our olives.